The Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library

King’s Buildings gets its heart

Plans for a central library at the University’s King’s Buildings campus have circulated since the 1940s. Numerous proposals waxed and waned over the decades but the Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library finally opened its doors to students in 2012.

The Murrays set up the Darwin Trust of Edinburgh in 1983 to administer profits from their patent on a Hepatitis B vaccine, to support science and engineering at the University. The new library is named in their honour. Noreen sadly passed away last year.

The new library creates a campus focal point, a place where the University’s 7,000 engineers, mathematicians, biologists, chemists, geoscientists and physicists can congregate to study and share ideas.

Students can gather in group-study spaces complete with digital projectors, or make use of flat-screen televisions and smart boards. And then there are the books; geology texts nestle beside volumes on particle physics, for the first time in the campus’ history.

For more information please visit The Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library website.


To have a central point is wonderful for everyone. So many alumni wrote to us saying we want to give that to the next generation.

Professor Lesley Yellowlees

Vice-Principal and Head of the College of Science and Engineering

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