The Informatics Forum

Creating tomorrow’s technology

At its heart the University of Edinburgh’s award-winning Informatics Forum, home to some of the world’s most pioneering research in computing science, is charmingly analogue: it is all about people.

Designed by Bennetts Associates and opened in 2007, the Informatics Forum brought together, for the first time, the University’s 500 scientists working on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, bioinformatics, computational linguistics and robotics.

The Forum houses the academics who will produce the technology of tomorrow. Linguists are collaborating with programmers; neuroscientists are at work with robotic specialists. The ability to talk to your phone, or the algorithm behind predictive text, started here, and it is discoveries like these that have helped place the University at the top of the league tables for computing science.

When the £42 million Informatics Forum opened, every donor’s name was illuminated in binary code on a digital board that hangs in the atrium, to say ‘thank you’.

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Inspiration in science is just like inspiration in art. It’s about people having crazy thoughts and creating new ideas.

Professor Michael Fourman

Former head of the School of Informatics

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