The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

Bringing together the best minds of our generation

As an explanation of what the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI) is, and what it can do, look no further than its new home, the historic High School Yards building, currently under development in the centre of the Edinburgh.

The refurbished building, which dates back to 1777, will reopen in June 2013, following a £15 million investment. It is expected to achieve a Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) rating of “outstanding”, reflecting its green credentials, and will be the first urban building in the UK to achieve this.

The building itself embodies everything the ECCI wants to achieve: excellence, impact, and sustainability, and this is what has inspired many alumni to donate to the project. One anonymous donor gave £4 million.

The new home for the ECCI will act as a hub to bring academics, business and government together, and be a place where research, business strategy and public policy on climate change is shaped and aligned.

For more information please visit The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation website.



Edinburgh is a place that can bring together world-class people to tackle one of the biggest problems that faces the world. There is so much potential here.

Dr Bruce Davie

Computer science alumnus

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