Student Support

Creating life-changing opportunities

One of the Edinburgh Campaign’s most palpable successes has been ensuring that more students are financially supported through bursaries and scholarships. Previously, more than 200 access bursaries were awarded to new students to help meet living costs. Now, more than 700 students are in receipt of awards.

“It would be unhealthy if prestigious universities found themselves with only students from privileged backgrounds,” says Christopher Stone, one donor who helped to make this happen.

Mr Stone’s family were refugees from Nazi Germany and unable to support his psychology studies at the University of Edinburgh but the state paid his fees and provided a maintenance grant. He now helps those from disadvantaged backgrounds attain their university goals by personally funding 13 bursaries.

Corporations are motivated to support student scholarships and bursaries too. Since 2003 the Coca-Cola Foundation has given $2.25 million annually, through the Coca-Cola International Scholarships: Scholarships Change Lives Program. It provides full tuition fees as well as living costs for the best international students to come to Edinburgh.

For more information regarding student support please visit the Edinburgh Campaign website.



These are people from difficult backgrounds with many impediments to getting to university. If I am able to help them, that makes me very happy. It is all the reward one needs.

Christopher Stone

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If you are interested in supporting scholarships and bursaries please contact Hannah Schlesinger